Release the pain & old story 

from your body

in just a few sessions!


Special offer till 20th December, 2023

Session Information

  • The Space, Level 2, 24-26 Falcon street, Crows Nest, Sydney.

  • 60 min bookings (90 min on request)

  • The body keeps score - release the story.

  • Heal trauma, numbness & pain.

  • Restore what is numb & disconnected.

  • Release anger, sadness & grief.

  • Be seen & heard in a safe space.

  • Support in self healing with somatic bodywork.


  • Deepen acceptance of Self.

  • Awaken the body from numbness.

  • Release the old trauma story & pain.

  • Feel calm, connected and more present.

  • See you eyes shift from dull to bright.

  • Being in your body' & less in your mind.

  • Form a healthier relationship with your body.

  • Express your truth and let it all go.

  • Cultivate honesty in all your relationships.

International Shamanic & De-Armouring Practioner, Zoe-Anna Bell.

  • Shamanic Bodywork, Energy Healing & Somatics.

  • Background Stretch & Yoga Therapist & Flexology.

  • Rewire a stressed nervous system to rewrite the story.

  • A facilitator sourced by Psychologists, Psychotherapists, Couples Therapists, Mentors & bodyworkers. Her bespoke sessions are to be experienced.

  • Work with clients in rehabilitation phase of workers compensation / insurance claims.

  • An audience of satisfied & happy clients across the globe, that have learnt how to 'rewrite the story of their past.'


Shamanic De-armouring Massage

Nina, 45. Sydney, Psychologist & Psychotherapist.

I came for the De-Armouring massage with wonderful Zoe and had one of the most powerful experiences I remember. Zoe held what felt like a very safe, nonjudgmental, sacred space for my body and soul to arrive with the fullest expression of feminine energy and transformation.

It's hard to put into words the spiritual experience I went through with Zoe, the closest expression is a mind-blowing full-body rebirth. Since this session, my spiritual awakening has taken a speedy shift. Zoe is a gifted and powerful healer who I recommend anyone looking for a de-armouring transformative journey, to link up with.

Thank you Zoe.

Shamanic De-armouring Massage

Erik Klose - Sydney. Men's Coach & Mentor

Highly recommend if you are looking for clarity, healing and above all deep transformation.


Zoe is incredible. She creates space for you to find your own healing and direction whilst also bringing the spiritual power and guidance to bring what needs to be brought to the surface.

I had 5 sessions with Zoe and it completely opened me up to parts of myself that needed healing, to be looked at and moved through. It was intense, for me that was my experience. I know sometimes there might be more subtle results with Zoe. That just wasn't my experience. I love her energy, non judgement to whatever comes up and she truly cares about supporting and transforming not just you but also the whole world.


Shamanic De-armouring Massage

As Maa, Melbourne.

Highly recommend if you are looking for support, healing and above all deep release.

I had no idea what to expect and can honestly say I was blown away.

Zoe was able to hold a nourishing space with strength to allow me to experience the things I needed to release.

I've had two sessions with Zoe and each were such a healing experience. I look forward to doing more work under her guidance in the future

The body keeps a score.

I hold space for men and women to support their inner transformation and unique journey.

Men enter the healing space as he longs to be witnessed, heard and supported by the wise feminine. The space provides an opportunity to address and release suppressed emotions without judgment. Many men have bottled up shame and guilt, this pain often stems from childhood and the relationship he had / didn't receive love from his well-meaning mother.

Many men have been told to lower the tone of his voice, passion demonised and suppressed and he feels alienated and alone. His trust abused and misunderstood by expressing his deeply held emotions and insecurities in his intimate relationship. He thinks he 'should' have it all together and retreats to avoid conflict or numbs out to further avoid his unheard pain.

Anger is often labelled by society as toxic masculinity and yet, it brings more harm to all by being repressed and suppressed. Feminism is not about making men wrong or speaking over him.

Men play a vital role in the World, as are women.

Women enter the space as she has created a needed armour to 'protect' her feminine softness and scared sensual energy. Much of this protection is held bound in the tissues as patterns following sexual trauma. An event(s) where her innocence, boundaries and voice was over-powered and ignored! She too feels unseen, unheard and is suffering in pain in silence. Her yoni (meaning all the tissues that make up her genitals) and throat are inter-connected. When one is numb or bound in tension the other 'will need to over compensate. This is seen all through society and it is time for the real healing to take place.

Feminine empowerment is not about projecting anger or being forceful in talking over men and women. Feminine power is a natural essence that requires zero outward force!

Those who are in pain, bring pain on others as they fear letting go and want to control every aspect of their life. This behaviour pattern within the nervous system becomes exhausting. It is like suffocating in your own skin or chasing the next high of pleasure! Does this sound familiar?

Healing & Embodiment Secrets You'll Learn with me

Effective Ways to Self-regulate your nervous system and stop giving your power away.

Access a pathway to release trauma & rewrite the story. A path to restoring innocence.

Transformational Sessions to turn your pain into your superpower!