YOUR restorative yoga guide zoe-Anna presents zen yoga playroom

Bring curiosity, fun and connection

back into the yoga room.

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Session Information


  • Thursday 6.30-7.30 pm online Sydney, AUS.

  • A 60 minute class of restorative yoga.

  • Interactive & bespoke sessions via Zoom.

  • Be guided into postures minus years of frustration.

  • Restore joy back into your yoga practice.

  • Breathing guidance for relaxation & stretching.

  • Unwind at the end with a sound healing relaxation.


  • Feel good and relaxed.

  • Increase flexibility & eliminate back pain

  • Strengthen co-ordination & balance

  • More energy & increase performance

  • Activate 'The Fountain of Youth'

  • Connection with self and others in a supportive environment.

Hosted by restorative yoga teacher, Zoe-Anna

  • Stretch Therapist & Yoga Therapist

  • 'Ageless Mobility' Expert & Restorative Yoga

  • Creator of the Zen Yoga Playroom concept.

  • Creator of Restore Reset - a 21 day mobility & flexibility program to eliminate pain & improve posture.

  • Expert in remote mobility & online yoga classes with a digital audience of satisfied & pain-free, happy clients across the globe  

This is where Zen Yoga Playroom was launched. Then shifted to online.

Gratitude to my friend, Tania Wursig for her art studio space where 'Zen Playroom' began on a Monday evening. This was as a community initiative and collaboration to restore connection and to nourish self. This was post lockdown in Rozelle, NSW. (see YouTube video)

The Zen Playroom was also offered online as a collaboration with XXO, 2021-2022, an initiative for connection and community online. Classes were offered weekly for free to support their launch.

Since then, the Zen Yoga Playroom has been running online weekly classes from my home in Sydney.

A bespoke class to be experienced and a space to share my love for yoga, relaxation and connection.


Highly recommended.

"I had daily pain in my lower back which made me irritated and mentally flat. Zoe-Anna gives ways to release with yoga postures and eliminate the pain.

Each session is different, yet builds upon the last.

Highly recommended to explore as each session is catered to all who come along. I love the attention to detail, simple explanations and the fun we have in class. Yoga is not meant to be serious and I now enjoy getting on my mat, and learning how to relax and 'let go.'

This was a powerful way to begin the individual healing process."

Angelina, Sydney.

Joy in yoga restored!

Thank you, Zoe-Anna for restoring my love in yoga. I used to go to yoga and I wasn't resonating in the way yoga was being taught. I often walked away from a class feeling overwhelmed and useless.

i'll be honest, iI felt like I was in a room full of show ponies and it was all about how you looked.

From coming to your weekly classes I have established a healthier connection with my body, feel calmer at work and have more patience with my children. Deep gratitude.

Jennifer, Connecticut, USA

Body conscious and awkward.

I have always been body conscious and felt intimidated to go into a yoga studio.

I found attending the weekly classes helped me to I focussed less on what I looked like and more into 'the feeling state.' This shifted the way I see my body, I began to love those aspects i'd shamed. This has impacted the relationship with my partner. I feel happier as I now accept myself, as I am.

I didn't realise an online yoga class would impact the relationship with my body & change my relationships for the better. Deep gratitude.

Annie, Potts Point. Sydney.

Yoga is a journey of learning about yourself on the mat. How you act/react on the mat often reveals how you show up in life.

I love to explore and play and share my passion of movement, relaxation and yoga with others.

Teaching yoga juices my soul.

Yoga changed my life. It was not about the postures, it was the way it shifted my attitude and approach to showing up for my life. I love the restorative journey and in the room we explore, restore and play.

The classes are there to be experienced. Come join us and play. This is for EVERY BODY.

Yoga & Relaxation Secrets You'll Learn with me

Effective Mobility Routines to 'Restore' movement and link yoga postures together.

Ageless Living Secrets

'The Fountain of Youth' - explored in the yoga room.

Transformational Relaxation practices to integrate into everyday life.